Artistic Research  |  2022 - ongoing

The lowest common denominator:

Modern membranes rip, decay and rot.

Situated between a scientific backdrop and artistic production, this research materializes through the medium of chromatographies, a form of sustainable, experimental, photosensitive compound separation method which visualises chemistries. By reducing the river ecosystem to sheer matter, and through a misuse of chromatography, we initiated a beyond-human communication between humans, soils, and all that composes ecosystems, on a macroscopic scale and in wavelengths visible to human eyes. The photographic image reveals the chemical composition of the Earth’s compounds as well as its pollutants. Manifesting as an act of beyond-human communication, the chromatographic indices also become representative of colonization, land expropriation and mining extractivism across the globe.



Algae chromatography, three species:

Saccharina Japonica, Ulva Lactuca & Porphyra Umbilicalis.

Bodily chromatography, four humans.

Collaborative piece.

Bodily chromatography, one human.

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